Class Meets Tuesday/Thursday 12:00–13:15

Room Keller 414

See here for the syllabus.


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See the syllabus for information about my grading policy for the class, and a template .tex file. Some exercises are marked as “reach exercises”. These are optional, more difficult problems. You are encouraged to attempt them, but I won’t penalize your grade if you don’t.

Please do not use blue ink for your assignments. I would like to reserve blue for grading and writing comments. If you use blue, I will be forced to switch to the angrier, more aggressive red.

Tentative course outline

  • (1.5 weeks) Preliminaries and axioms [Chapters 1–2]

  • (2 weeks) Well-orders and ordinals [Chapter 3]

  • (1 week) Transfinite recursion

  • (2 weeks) Cardinality [Chapter 4]

  • Exam 1

  • (1 week) Dense linear orders [Chapter 6]

  • (2.5 weeks) Trees [Chapter 5]

  • (2 weeks) Filters and ideals [Chapter 7]

  • (2 weeks) A taste of independence

  • Exam 2

Most of the lecture will follow the textbook. For material outside the text, I will post supplementary notes on this page.