Dear class,

With the coronavirus pandemic UH is moving all classes to being online-only. This will last through the end of the semester.

Below you will find detailed information about the changes this class will go through. Please read through thoroughly. But first I want to make some general comments.

This will be a disruption to your learning environment. Let me be open. I have never ran a course in this way before, and there certainly will be unanticipated hurdles to overcome. Additionally, a global pandemic is far from ideal circumstances in which to learn. With that in mind, my number one goal now is to ensure that these changes to this class do not impact your graduation plans/schedule. With high probability you will not learn as much as you would have without this disruption. Nevertheless I want to minimize the effect this has on your larger educational goals.

It is important that you keep yourself, your families, and those around you safe in the midst of this pandemic. If at any time this interferes with your work in this class—whether that be because you have to care for dependents, move to mainland to be with family, or whatever else—then please get in contact with me as soon as possible so we can work together to determine what accommodations are possible.

Summary Of Changes

The biggest change is to lecture. Instead of three in-person lectures per week we will have three blectures (= “web lecture”, think blog = “web log”) per week. These will be Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Each blecture will include a reading component with supplemental video. One of the challenges of online courses is encouraging participation. With this in mind, a portion of your grade will be for blecture participation. See below for details.

Homework will as much as possible be kept the same. Rather than turn in homework in class you will be asked to send it via email, by 11:59pm Fridays.

Instead of in-person office hours I will do virtual office hours.

If the online-only status continues until the final exam, it will be take-home.


The main source of communication for the class will be the Laulima site. You can find it by going through That is where blectures will be posted, and where you can find the forums for the class. I will continue to use the main class website to post written homework.

Email will be the primary means to communicate directly and/or privately with me. Due to the anticipated influx of email, I ask you to address your email to to make it easier for me to manage my inbox, and not have your messages get lost in the stream.

Grading changes

The new grading schema for the class is as follows:

  • 30% Final exam

  • 30% Midterm

  • 30% Homework

  • 10% Blecture participation

Previously, the two exams and homework were each worth one third of your overall grade in the class. I slightly reduced their share to make room for the portion for blecture participation.


Blectures will be posted in the Blectures section of the Laulima forum for the site. Each blecture consists of an assigned reading augmented with video. You must participate in the blectures for a portion of your overall grade in the class. Each blecture will also ask you to answer a few questions about the material. You must turn in your answers by 11:59pm of the day of the blecture.

Laulima Forums

In addition to being where blectures will be posted, the Laulima forums for the class also contain a space to discuss material with your classmates, or ask me questions.

Virtual Office Hours

Virtual office hours will be held via zoom thrice a week at 1:30–2:00 Monday/Wednesday/Friday. See the Laulima site for information on how to access.


As much as possible homework will be the same as before. Rather than turn it in in-class you should email it to me. See the Communication section for info about how you should email it. The deadline will be 11:59pm on Fridays.