Class Meets Tuesday/Thursday 12:00–13:15

Room Keller 413

See here for the syllabus.


  • (12/13) I wrote up a solution for problem 3 from the take-home portion of the midterm.

  • (12/10) The final exam will be Tuesday, December 17 at 12pm in Keller 413.

  • (9/23) I have been asked to pass on information to you about the Putnam exam. See here for more details.


See the syllabus for information about my grading policy for the class, and a template .tex file. Some exercises are marked as “reach exercises”. These are optional, more difficult problems. You are encouraged to attempt them, but I won’t penalize your grade if you don’t.

Please do not use blue ink for your assignments. I would like to reserve blue for grading and writing comments. If you use blue, I will be forced to switch to the angrier, more aggressive red.

Tentative course outline

  • (1.5 weeks) Preliminaries and axioms [Chapters 1–2]

  • (2 weeks) Well-orders and ordinals [Chapter 3]

  • (1 week) Transfinite recursion

  • (2 weeks) Cardinality [Chapter 4]

  • Exam 1

  • (1 week) Dense linear orders [Chapter 6]

  • (2.5 weeks) Trees [Chapter 5]

  • (2 weeks) Filters and ideals [Chapter 7]

  • (2 weeks) A taste of independence

  • Exam 2

Most of the lecture will follow the textbook. For material outside the text, I will post supplementary notes on this page.