Academic History

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Temporary Assistant Professor

Fall 2018 to present


Ph.D. in Mathematics May 2018

The Graduate Center, The City University of New York

Dissertation Advisor: Joel David Hamkins

Dissertation: The Structure of Models of Second-order Set Theories

B.S. in Mathematics, Dec 2012

Boise State University (High Honors)

Minor in Computer Science


Teaching and Educational Experience

  • (2017–2018) Bronx Community College, CUNY. Quantitative reasoning fellow. In this interdisciplinary program I partnered with non-mathematics faculty to promote the teaching of quantitative reasoning and the use of mathematics across the curriculum.

  • (2013–2017) Brooklyn College, CUNY. Graduate teaching fellow and lecturer. I was instructor of record for my classes, mainly calculus and precalculus. My final year at Brooklyn College I taught classes in their Brooklyn College Academy program, an early college program where high school juniors and seniors take college classes for credit.

Conference Talks

Seminar Talks


  • Co-organizer (with V. Gitman), MAMLS Logic Friday, Mid-Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar, The Graduate Center, CUNY. (Oct 2017)

  • Co-organizer (with V. Gitman), Set Theory Seminar, The Graduate Center, CUNY. (2017–2018)

  • Co-organizer (with A. Dolich), Models of Peano Arithmetic Seminar, The Graduate Center, CUNY. (2017–2018)

  • Organizer, Student Set Theory Seminar, The Graduate Center, CUNY. (2017–2018)

Technical Experience

  • Winter to Summer 2013, I was a software engineer at Clearwater Analytics, LLC in Boise, Idaho.

  • Technical Skills: LaTeX, Linux, Java, Python, SQL.