My main research interests are in set theory. More specifically, I have worked on the model theory of second-order set theory (set theory with both sets and classes as objects) and on the foundations of and applications of class forcing. More broadly, I am interested in set theory’s connections to other areas of logic and to philosophy of mathematics.

My Publications

  • Miha E. Habič, Joel David Hamkins, Lukas Daniel Klausner, Jonathan Verner, and Kameryn J. Williams, Set-theoretic blockchains, under review.

  • Kameryn J. Williams, The Structure of Models of Second-order Set Theories, PhD Dissertation, The Graduate Center, CUNY (2018).

  • Kameryn J. Williams, Least models of second-order set theories, under review.

  • Victoria Gitman, Joel David Hamkins, Peter Holy, Philipp Schlicht, and Kameryn Williams, The exact strength of the class forcing theorem, under review.

  • Joel David Hamkins, Philip Welch, and Kameryn J. Williams, The universal finite sequence for end extensions, in preparation.

  • Jonas Reitz and Kameryn J. Williams, Iterating the mantle, in preparation.

  • Joel David Hamkins, Russell Miller, and Kameryn J. Williams, Forcing as a computational process, in preparation.

  • Kameryn J. Williams, Bi-interpretability of second-order set theories, in preparation.

Selected Talks

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